Aldebaran Partners, Inc.
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Client Selection

Client satisfaction is our top priority and we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, never accepting an assignment that does not suit the skills and aptitudes of our team. Our approach emphasizes a disciplined and careful evaluation of each client company or opportunity, taking into account the following criteria: 

MARKET   Large, deteriorating or underserved market categories 

MANAGEMENT Results oriented, traditionalist or entrepreneurial executive groups 

PRODUCT OR SERVICE  Proprietary, developmental or commercial output 

BUSINESS MODEL  Solid opportunity & realistic exit strategy 

CAPITAL RESOURCES Available or attainable funds required to achieve intended business results

Clients are carefully assessed and selected to ensure that Aldebaran can deliver maximum beneficial results and expectations are able to be met on a timely basis. As Henry Ford so aptly noted “it takes months to gain a customer, and only seconds to lose one."

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