Aldebaran Partners, Inc.
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Primary Business Sectors

Aldebaran has extensive and demonstrated expertise in the following business sectors.  Our advisory team consists of a core group of multi-skilled professionals who are complimented by industry-specific specialists that are selected to meet particular client challenges.

Renewable Energy – This young and diverse industry enjoys great promise.  However, achieving predictable business results can be elusive due to a myriad of factors.  The Aldebaran team has been successful at analyzing multiple business possibilities for client companies to consider in the development and selection of their renewable energy strategy.  We combine traditional business fundamentals with practical financial approaches with proven technologies to determine the optimum business scenario which delivers predictable results. 

Natural Resources – The advent of the “green economy” combined with increasing consumer demands for more energy, food and merchandise, has created enormous demands on our natural resources such as water, timber, minerals and an abundance of indigenous animal species.  Obtaining value from these worldly treasures requires creating balances between commercial opportunities and environmental needs.  Aldebaran has been successful at charting intelligent courses through labyrinths of challenges for client companies that deliver results in consort with political, environmental, and industrial stakeholders.  These time-tested approaches strive to develop and implement win / win strategies for diverse and often disparate groups of stakeholders. 

Agriculture – Farming has taken on an entirely new personality across the globe as soaring population growth continues to place excessive demands on traditional enterprises.  Aldebaran has assembled a team of highly respected international agronomists and scientists to develop and implement cutting-edge approaches to solving some of this industry’s greatest challenges.  Through the use of innovative technologies and sensible business practices, the Aldebaran team has been able to employ collaborative foresight with substantial business experience to overcome challenges which in many instances were considered legacy conundrums. 

Electronic Media – In just one decade the entire media landscape worldwide has been completely transformed by the remarkable growth and popularity of the Internet.  This dramatic event has resulted in a vast paradigm shift in how all media is being used to communicate, educate and entertain their intended markets and audiences.  Aldebaran has guided many client companies through technological and operational metamorphoses.   This global realignment of media resources and relationships can be beneficial to companies that understand how to properly use them.  Aldebaran works with client companies to acquire and manage the appropriate resources needed to achieve stipulated results.  This often results in initiatives that create embracing content with credible distribution networks.

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