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Service Offerings

¼     Due Diligence Process & Review -- The due diligence process of companies for acquisition or merger should never be completed in haste. The Aldebaran executive team has significant experience in this area and is available to coordinate and participate in the entire process - whether on behalf of a seller or buyer. If due diligence of an acquisition or merger prospect has been completed, we can review the findings of the due diligence report and give a non-biased third-party opinion, along with appropriate recommendations to mitigate potential future business risks. 

¼     Exit Strategy Consulting -- After careful review of a client company, specific industry and general marketplace, Aldebaran will recommend the best alternative(s) on how to exit an investment or venture. This may include a combination of alternatives including sale, merger or in some instances liquidation.  

¼     Business Valuation -- The ultimate question for both entrepreneur and investor is "what is the venture is worth?" Company valuation is a matter of negotiation and successful negotiation requires homework to support a convincing case. Financial projections should be based on solid industry metrics, be internally consistent, and well integrated with the overall business strategy. It is hard to close a deal with an investor who finds obvious "holes" in your plan and financial detail. Aldebaran will develop credible "pre-money" and "post money" valuation models that accurately reflect the status of the company and are enticing to prospective investors.   

¼     International Expansion Strategies -- International expansion can be a vital part of a company's growth strategy. The complexity of international expansion requires meticulous planning and is a time consuming endeavor. The executive team at Aldebaran has significant international experience in all corners of the globe. We will work with client companies to develop a detailed expansion plan, locate local partners and locate additional capital to ensure that the risks of international expansion is mitigated and that these endeavors enhance the parent company’s value for its shareholders, owners and management.   

¼     Operations Management Expertise -- the executive team at Aldebaran has in-depth experience in operations management throughout all stages of a company's lifecycle. Client companies can rely on this operational expertise to help resolve the multitude of issues a company’s management faces. We can guide management toward winning decisions and enduring results. Whether these concerns relate to customer service, distribution networks, manufacturing operations, purchasing effectiveness, the entire supply chain or outsourcing we can help. 

¼     Corporate Turnarounds and Workouts -- Under-performing businesses have at least one thing in common - they destroy enterprise value. Owners and shareholders must take decisive action and, inevitably, major change is required to avoid eventual corporate failure. The management of a distressed situation requires urgent and decisive action. Turnaround experience is vital if a distressed company is to survive. Aldebaran has the experience and track record to deliver the skills and resources to ensure the turnaround is successful. Depending on the severity an under-performing business, the shareholders may determine that an immediate exit is warranted. In this case, Aldebaran executives will assist shareholders in a corporate workout process by developing a menu of strategies and implementing the selected approach. 

¼     Capital Access --  Small and mid-market private companies regularly need additional capital to finance organic growth; to finance new operating strategies; to finance vertical or horizontal acquisitions; to refinance existing debt; and to fund re-capitalizations that provide partial liquidity to existing owners. Aldebaran participates with a company’s management team to help them secure the necessary resources and linkages to raise capital in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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